Tax Law

Tax Law

We represent clients in general and in formal procedures before the Tax Court of Canada. We also represent them before the CRA and assist them in preparing Notices of Objection, payment plans and requests for taxpayer relief.

We devise and execute effective litigation strategies to ensure the most cost-efficient resolution for your tax problem. We provide expert negotiation services and leverage our in-depth knowledge of the CRA to settle your case in the least costly and most timely manner.

Whether you are amidst the audit process, a CRA appeal or an informal or general appeal at the Tax Court of Canada, we can assist with:

  • Preparing for audits
  • Preparing of Notices of Objection
  • Preparing and litigating Notices of Appeal
  • Voluntary tax payment plans
  • Applications for taxpayer relief
  • Negotiations with the CRA

We are focused on client success and deliver cost-effective, results-oriented advice. We assist you in navigating the challenging audit process and focus on minimizing its impact on your business and your life. We deliver sophisticated and effective legal services that are focused on your best possible outcome.